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 My name is Dr. Steve Rasner, and this site is dedicated to you, the professional who still believes in comprehensive care. Who seeks independence from third party carriers and corporate dentistry. Who prefers instead to leave a legacy in the their community as an extraordinary professional.

Like you, I am a full time practitioner. You won't find any theory here; just what flat out works and can be operational in weeks. I have taken the protocols and philosophies that have guided my highly successful practice for 34 years and created a collection of professional practice tools - live classes; books; in-office training CDs, DVDs, and practice management products - all designed to provide you with a blueprint for your dream practice.

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With passionate, original, and rapid-fire delivery, Dr. Rasner challenges, inspires, and shares the very principles and practices that he used and still uses to build and manage one of the top dental practices in the country.

Fiery   ♦   Reality-Driven   ♦   Inspirational

Provocative, emotional and sometimes hilarious, Dr. Rasner's presentations are not soon forgotten.

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