In-House Courses

Atraumatic Extractions for the G.P.
with Dr. Steven Rasner

Is it possible to master in two days multiple surgical procedures that you’re currently referring out? The answer is a resounding yes. This action-packed two day class, with two hands-on clinic sessions, will provide a step-by-step blueprint for success at a wide array of oral surgical procedures. It will be a question-inviting atmosphere. From pre-op patient preparation to scheduling to post-op instructions, you will leave prepared to return to your practice and immediately provide these procedures.

Course Description:

The course has been carefully designed to integrate didactic, audio and visual aides, and extensive hands-on attendee participation with a wide range of exodontia procedures for each individual.


  • Safe patient selection
  • Oral sedation protocol
  • Red flags
  • Antibiotic coverage
  • Atraumatic extractions
    Teeth broken below the gingiva
    Multiple extractions
    Teeth adjacent to delicate esthetic restorations
    Teeth with immediate implant placement
  • Socket grafting
  • A review of angiogenesis
  • Surgical implant surgery introduction
  • Suturing 101: Interrupted, Continuous, Horizontal & Vertical Mattress: Where – When – How
  • Case presentation and fees
  • Appropriate legal documentation


All participants will have the opportunity to remove teeth on multiple patients. All patients will be carefully screened by Dr. Rasner, and only ASA Class 1 & 2 patients will be treated. Cases will be assigned to specifically challenge the doctors with varying degrees of difficulty. Doctors will work in spacious operatories in groups of two per patient. The doctors will rotate as care provider with each subsequent patient. All patients will be fully monitored with a pulse oximeter while treated.

During the Hands-On Clinic, each doctor will:

  • Determine and utilize appropriate flap design
  • Remove teeth in various clinical scenarios, such as teeth broken to the gingiva; teeth adjacent to “delicate” teeth (ie, anterior crowns); teeth in lingual version; and teeth in crowded dentition
  • Select and demonstrate proficient use of appropriate armamentarium (Elevators, Physics Forceps vs. conventional) to remove sectioned teeth
  • Determine and demonstrate case-appropriate suturing technique

Questions and answers

Following the surgical sessions, all attendees will participate by sharing the challenges they faced and having an open opportunity to clarify any of the procedures demonstrated.

At the table

All attendees are invited to dinner on Friday at a local restaurant selected by Dr. Rasner. Up for discussion will be anything from practice management and growth tips to clinical gems to improve your productivity.


$3400, 16 CE Units