Dream Store

the art of the close sm copyI – The Art of the Close – The fuel for any practice is case acceptance. This CD addresses everything from the first phone call to creating unforgettable first impressions to presenting fees.  Everything needed in a crystal clear blueprint for incredible success. Price: $195

II – Dr. Steve Rasner, Live! A live lecture on Blu-Ray DVD, with online viewing code included. Bring the power and enthusiasm of Steve Rasner into your own office. Watch this course with your staff at your convenience. Price: $225

III – The New Patient Experience on DVD – See Dr. Rasner and his staff in action as they demonstrate in their own office how the new patient experience leads to large – and consistent – case acceptance. Fun, fast-paced and informative for the whole staff. Added bonus: The Telly-Award Winning video that serves as a great staff meeting or study club ice-breaker entitled, Realizing the Dream. Price: $145

V – The Art of Getting Paid – A clear, easy-to-understand and put into action manual that will skyrocket your collections and obliterate your financial anxiety! Price: $160

VI – The Protocol Book: What to Do When – the long awaited bible of a successful practice by Steve Rasner. This is a book that will never make it to your shelves. It will stay out and open every day, used by everyone in your office to create win-win outcomes in every situation. Price: $180

VII – The Extraordinary Practice: Born from the concepts of his wildly popular Protocol Book, this guide is the heart and soul of one of the greatest success stories in dentistry. From cover to cover, it is the complete guide for reaching your practice’s fullest potential. Read more… Price:$297