Speaking Presentations

On Target and In Touch

With passionate, original delivery, Dr. Rasner challenges, inspires, and shares the same principles and practices that he used and still uses to build and manage one of the top dental practices in the country.

A general practitioner, Dr. Rasner achieved his success and continues to practice full-time in the town of Bridgeton, NJ. He understands the issues that practices face and brings refreshing realism and rich daily experience to every presentation. Predicated on his protocols and philosophy, these easy-to-implement concepts enable new and seasoned practitioners of elective healthcare services to realize their dream of professional and financial fulfillment.

Provocative, emotional and sometimes hilarious, Dr. Rasner’s fiery, reality-driven, motivational presentations are not soon forgotten.

Hands on Atraumatic Extractions, Socket Grafting, and Introduction to Implant Placement

This course provides the long-awaited blueprint for extreme dental success. It is the course your members are looking for. Dr. Rasner combines lecture, visual aids, and plenty of hands-on time to provide the knowledge and experience your members need to bring their new skills home. The most lifelike models available ensure that attendees are prepared to offer these procedures to their patients. Dr. Rasner will also include the case presentation skills and low-cost marketing techniques that marry perfectly with these skills. This course is best as a two day class, but Dr. Rasner can modify it to fit a single day schedule, or to emphasize a particular aspect that your members are asking about.

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The Thriving Fee For Service Practice in 2018

Maintaining Independence & Profitability (A class for the entire dental team)

This powerful and inspiring presentation was designed to provide a real world recipe for breaking away from third-party carriers and regaining your independence. Drawing from the experience gained in 30 consecutive years of increased growth and profitability, Dr. Rasner explains the protocols and foundations that can elevate any dental practice to extraordinary levels of success. Protocols that will motivate patients to go out of network for your services, guaranteed. Practice management strategies that skyrocket case acceptance, increase cash flow, and decrease the bumps in your day. Use it on Monday production-enhancing clinical gems that range from enhancing your soft tissue esthetics to dramatically improving your anesthetic technique. Leadership principles that have kept his staff of 21 together for an average of 17 years, without going broke! The psychology of winning: the mental toughness we all need to bounce back from that bad week. Lastly, where balance fits into the dynamic of success. How the super achiever can give back to the world and not miss out on the most important parts of the journey: family, and a full life.

Full or Half Day Course

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Bullet Proof Guide to Implant Success for the General Dentist

This presentation will review different treatment modalities, the needed armamentarium, a step-by-step approach with both slides and video presentation, and the financial impact on your practice. Keep more production in-house, increase cash flow, satisfy your patients and attract more variety in your day with implant procedures.

Lecture Course Description

To help your attendees gain the fastest results in learning how to place dental implants, Dr. Rasner suggests the Half-day Hands-On Course as the perfect complement to his half-day Lecture.

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Atraumatic Extractions for the General Dentist:

This powerful presentation was designed to galvanize any dental practice. Drawing from 30+ years of clinical experience and 5,000 hours of CE, Dr. Rasner explains step‐by‐step protocols for a wide array of oral surgical procedures that most GP’s tend to refer. He has condensed foundational principles learned from world‐class leaders in clinical education into the most safe and predictable oral surgical services for the general practice.

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