“I have had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Rasner speak several times, and would do so again. He reminds us of the missing link for a successful dentist/patient relationship…honest communication.”
-Dr. Terry Godinho, Pacific Coast Dental Conference

“Dr. Rasner’s hands-on oral surgery course superseded our expectations. Most clinicians are familiar with his superb practice management seminars. Dr. Rasner brings a similar entertaining and Use it on Monday principles to the clinical arena. He is an energetic and passionate speaker who grabs your attention the instant he gets on stage.”
-Maine AGD 2015

“Steve is a living example of what happens when intensity coupled with his ability to motivate both staff and patients are put into motion.”
-Dr. Frank Spear

“Emerging from the glut of practice management is one of the brightest and most inspirational speakers of our time.  Steve’s presentation may be the best one-day seminar in dentistry today.”
-Dr. Woody Oaks

What Steve does is so powerful it goes beyond practice management.  It has to be one of the most professional and informational one day presentations in dentistry today.”
-Dr. Bill Strupp

“Dr. Rasner’s skillful delivery, ideas and words will resonate with you whether you are a long-time practicing dentist or a dental student. His message is universal and his high energy and enthusiastic presentation style will capture your attention and keep you engaged. I highly recommend Dr. Rasner as a motivational speaker to any dental institution or organization.”
-Michael L. Rowland, Ph.D.;
Assistant Professor, Office of Medical Education
University of Louisville School of Medicine

“Even a week after Dr. Rasner spoke to over 400 attendees at our convention complex, I am hearing how he impacted participant’s lives in just a few hours. Very positive and worthwhile. We have received referrals from doctors who never referred to us before on the basis of the meeting. All in all, humorous, poignant and powerful. You cannot go wrong with Steven Rasner.”
-Roger Parkes
16th Annual Excellence in Periodontics

“Dr. Rasner is the most inspirational and passionate speaker I have ever met. He made a lasting impression on our dental community and his presentation was one of the most uniquely satisfying we have ever seen.”
-Dr. Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow, Periodontist
Dr. Harold Z. Hirsch Symposium

“Dr. Rasner came highly recommended as a speaker. He not only lived up to his reputation as an amazing man, but he blew us all away with the content of his talk. He has a wonderful ability to mix science with what really matters in life. Attendees left feeling they were touched to their deepest core and learned so much! Thank you, Dr. Rasner, for a life changing experience. You totally rock!”
-Kobus and Danita Steyn and the United Dental team

“This is one seminar you must bring your staff to, especially if you think you can’t afford to – they can help you on your journey faster than you can go yourself.”
-Dr. Keith Kelley, Troy, MI

“Thank you for an outstanding day!  We had fun, enjoyed your videos, laughed frequently, and learned a lot!”
-Dr. Doug Campbell, Lake Forrest, IL

“Thanks for the ‘kick in the pants’ to do the things I know I should have done long ago.”
-Dr. Jeffrey Bennett, Kokomo, IN

One of the most inspirational experiences in my professional life.  I have never been more intent to ‘Realize the Dream.’  God bless you Steve.”
-Dr. Tyrone Holliday, Chicago, IL

“Most passionate speaker I have heard in 33 years.”
-Dr. Harry Stadnyk, Ballwin, MO

“Inspiring, motivational and informative, Dr. Rasner creates a life changing experience.”
-Dr. Rick Parma, San Antonio, TX

“Our entire profession could use a passion transfusion from Steve.”
-Dr. James Butler, Hilliard, Ohio

“I came with great expectations and was not disappointed!”
-Dr. Zane Osborne, Sault St. Marie, MI

“He has inspired me to achieve my potential.”
-Dr. Daniel Passidomo, Lebabnon, Ohio

“Dr. Steven Rasner offers real world solutions to real world problems.”
-Dr. Mason B. Yeary, Richardon, TX

“After 32 years as CE Chairman, I cannot think of another speaker who engaged the audience with such fervor and generated enormous enthusiasm after the program. He made me look like a hero.
-Dr. Norman Marks, Richmond Dental Society, Chairman of CE